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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I teach second grade, and I think you’re really on the right track. I just think you give them way too much time, so they waste it. Counting down from thirty is very different from counting down from ten! I would say try lowering your countdown number, because kids like the “rush” - it feels like a competition.

Also, start your dismissal procedures much earlier so that you build in time to make them do it the right way. In the beginning of the year, my dismissal allowance is THIRTY MINUTES! And we need it because we drill the non-negotiables into their heads. I can, have, and will continue to make them go back and do it again and again until they show an understanding of expectations. Showing an intolerance for the behavior you consider undesirable (talking, mess, etc.) and making them practice until they do it the way you expect is frustrating but it works. They don’t want to do it over and over again any more than you do!

You can assign a cleaning captain for your tables and/or your room. Their job will be to inspect the tables and floor for messes before dismissal.

Here is my own procedure (remember we started with 30 minutes...):
T-10 minutes: Planner - I initial as kids finish
Kids pack up - read a book while they wait
T-5 minutes: put up chairs and clean up the floor
T-3 minutes: bus kids line up
T-2 minutes: walking kids line up
T-1 minute: bus kids are dismissed and car kids line up
Blastoff: I walk everyone else out

I saw HALL on Pinterest a few years ago and I use it faithfully! I did add an S, though, because we have stairs. It’s helpful for getting kids ready to leave the room:
H - Hands at your sides
A - All eyes forward
L - Lips closed
L - Low speed (keeps class from stretching out a mile down the hallway)
S - Soft feet on the stairs
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