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Less talk, more action
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I would say it's because one kid starts talking or fails to comply in some small way, and gets away with it. Even a whisper grows into more talking and distraction and eventually disruption. Really really watch and the moment you see one kid even whisper when doing your procedure, remove him from the group to stand in the hall or at the back wall. My guess is that you've taught the procedures, you've gone over the expectations, but somewhere along the way you are not enforcing. What do you DO when a kid talks after you've said no talking? Or if a kid does something else when you said clean up the floor under your desk? For some reason they think you won't do anything about it when they don't comply. Is it because YOU are not taking non-compliance seriously enough? It's an easy trap to fall into and, I'm totally speaking from experience.

"I was just asking her what the homework was."
"I was just throwing away my tissue."
"I was just sharpening my pencil."
"I was just showing you my picture."

These all seem like perfectly innocent and respectable behaviors - EXCEPT that they are doing something OTHER than what you instructed and require. When they do the above, for example, you can't just SAY something to them. In fact it's best if you don't SAY much at all. You have to DO something. Mark the behavior sheet, keep in five minutes at recess, give in class time out, phone call home, etc. depending on the frequency, severity, attitude, etc. If you're having to make the whole class practice procedures endlessly, when you've already made the instructions crystal clear, then something else is wrong. At that point it's not a need for practice, it's a need for enforcement. Just do it with a calm cool demeanor and as little discussion as possible.

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