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Clip to ScrapBook #10

I agree with dutchgirl and Ucan:
A) They always behave better for a visitor, and
B) they love a showy rountine!

If you don't feel you can do the counting down effectively, do you have a smartboard? You could put a visual countdown timer up there. (But I do like the control of doing it myself.)

When a table is done, I'll let them get their stuff...It takes so long for a student to find his folder, and get the stuff out, that students from the first table are still there when the last table arrives...Some have still neglected to clean their area, but have gotten their stuff anyway without my notice.
And start with fixing this chaos. ONE table is up at a time, in the same order every day, so they can't say they thought it was their turn. Nobody else is to be out of their seat (so you can watch just a few at a time).

Set aside that 30 minutes the first time, and tell everyone the new expectations. Make them repeat it back. Then proceed to stay on the members of that in-the-spotlight table to do it right. Peer pressure is your friend here, as they really don't want the whole class waiting for them.

I like teebomb's idea of recording the times too. Graph it, and congratulate them as the time gets shorter!

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