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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
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Maybe the students are picking up on your vibe that "nothing works" with them. I've read a couple of your posts here and they usually ring pretty close to "when I try that, it doesn't work" for many scenarios and suggestions given to you.

How long have you been teaching? Do you feel you have really connected with your students and built some sort of positive relationship with most of them?

Some of your language (check in/check out, etc) sounds like PBIS. Is that a system you have school wide on your campus? Is there some sort of school wide tickets or money that is used to promote expected behaviors?

I'm not sure what grade you teach. I teach first grade and when our end of day is struggling I offer special stickers to students who are packed up and quiet sometimes. I also try to give them an incentive of watching 3-4 minutes of Peep and Chirp (a science related cartoon) that they love if we can pack up very efficiently and quietly.
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