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Joined: May 2009
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Clip to ScrapBook #15

Iíve read your responses to other posters and Iím going to be really honest - it sounds like you have given up.

Most of your responses are ďIíve tried and it doesnít work.Ē

Try again. And again. Change your delivery, your tone of voice, change your posture, your volume, until it does work. Change your approach. Youíve gotten TONS and fantastic advice from so many others on this thread!

And the not being able to isolate who is talking? Then stop everyone. Sometimes a whole group consequence is necessary. ďSomeone is talking and I asked for no voices, so we all have to start over.Ē A hundred times if necessary.

Be tough. Donít compromise or negotiate. You know what you want, start demanding it. And make them stop and practice, stop and practice, stop and practice until it happens.
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