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Thank you all for the suggestions. I will attempt a "procedures reset" on Monday.

However, how do I avoid a power struggle with the class? Last year a reset (following instructions by the admin and the curriculum coach) only resulted in some unidentified students purposely messing up so we could practice lining up a 5th or 6th consecutive time. They got a sense of power out of disrupting the lesson, so repeated practice actually encouraged the bad behavior.

Practicing more than a few times means the entire class is getting punished for the actions of only 5 or 6 students. In my experience, this has always resulted in losing the support of the rest of the class. They become united together against me.

I lost my enthusiasm (which the kids picked up), the students lost their enthusiasm, and the rest of the year was miserable. Behavior didn't improve, either. Students learned that the procedure practice was more enjoyable than doing the math work, so they used behavior to prevent instruction.

I'm doing a reset only as a last resort. So, how can procedures be enforced without losing support of the class?

Yes, I could use some suggestions for consequences. Proximity, redirection, reseating students, buddy rooms, losing recess, and calling parents have not been effective. There has be something else I'm missing.
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