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Two questions: 1) Do you have an afternoon recess? 2) Can you keep them in during afternoon recess?

If you can, then I would change the timing of when you get ready to go home by establishing a quiet reading time 15 or 20 minutes before afternoon recess depending on your class size. During the quiet reading time, I would send 1 or 2 students to get their mail and load their folders or binders and I would make a point of watching behavior and not using the time to finish tasks of my own. When sending out students, I would go to their seat and give a silent signal that it was their turn. After the folders are loaded, they go in the backpack and the backpacks go back to wherever they're kept. Allow no talking. After all, others are reading.

Be affirming to the ones who are doing great, either right on the spot for younger students or at a private time with older students. Ex: "Student, I noticed yesterday that you have a real knack for organizing papers quickly. I was impressed."

Those who are too slow to load their backpacks get to finish at recess. The floor around their seat needs to be cleaned up before they can go to recess. If you can't let students go down the hall by themselves, then take the whole class but bring the stragglers back with you to finish their tasks. That way, the cooperative students are not held hostage by the uncooperative ones. The consequence is a natural one since they have chosen to use packing up time as their play time.

When you get to the end of the day, they just need to collect coats and backpacks and back to their seats. Plan an engaging activity for the left over time like Silent Ball, Spelling Sparkle, Guess Who.

Most classes also enjoy "One Minute Conversations". You write a few topics on slips of paper like: Spiders, Long Hair, Rocks, Pizza, Snow, etc. and call on a student who selects one of the topics. They need to talk for 1 full minute about the topic without using fillers like umm, uhh, etc. Attention getting students tend to love this activity. Some classes also like riddles or jokes as a calm yet enjoyable way to fill any left over minutes or you could read aloud to them.

It sounds like there are a few students who are using closing time as a power struggle or just a game to be played. I would switch up the rules to the game.
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