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There are some good ideas here. Thank you all for putting up with me. If this were an easy problem to solve, it would've been solved already.

The reading time prior to clean up is a good one. While mornings are not too bad, the students never really calm down from lunch recess. They remain wired until dismissal two hours later. I've been having silent reading time just to give myself a break from the noise (the "silent" part is hard to enforce, though). Moving the time so it ends with clean-up will be a good experiment.

I can identify two or three of the problem students. Perhaps removing them will help identify the others. I've got the quiet kids in the back of the room, so maybe some of them are causing problems.

What I mean by a "reset" is treating the class as if it's beginning school year again, and doing nothing but practice procedures for a week or two. That means getting behind in curriculum. I did this last year returning from Christmas break, but it backfired. We ended up practicing procedures for the rest of the year. The disruptive students remained disruptive, I couldn't tell who they were, students saw that I was unable to stop the disruption and became off-task. That's why it's my last resort.

The classroom procedures were established at the beginning of the year become less and less effective as time goes on. It starts with call-back signals and quiet expectations, because there's no way to practice being quiet, nor is there a way to enforce the expectation. Once that goes, the other procedures start falling down as well. Practicing these procedures "until they get it right" results in practicing until we run out of instruction time

I'm not intimidating at all. Imagine the guy from "Blues Clues" trying to give a withering stare. I've depended on enthusiasm for the subject being taught.

I see what I can do with technology. It's really limited in my school, being a cart I have to "check out" ahead of time, and requiring 45 minutes to get everyone logged in with machines that work.
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