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I am having similar issues; your para sounds just like mine! My previous para had been in the program for 20+ years and was fantastic. I think part of the issue on my end is that I'm expecting her to be like my previous para, which isn't really fair.

My para works with me and the other sped teacher in the building, and she thinks the other sped teacher is amazing, so that doesn't help either. I'm not good at confrontation at all and I am very uncomfortable with it, so maybe I should be having a "come to Jesus" meeting instead. My strategy has just been to give a short, direct answer to whatever the para brings up, and my tone/body language suggests that the conversation is over. She gets the hint. I can tell she's usually not pleased with my answer, but she doesn't push it further.

I also use her for push-in as much as possible and only have her do direct instruction when absolutely necessary. Right now I only have her with me for one K block daily, and I have her do the same routine pretty much every day with the kids. I also have her do 2 math lessons per week and I just try to make the plans as detailed as possible.

I've had the same issue with accommodations. I gave her online access (read-only) to all of the IEPs and explained that for assessments, we're just not allowed to do much for students with learning disabilities (my state only allows modifications for students with cognitive disabilities).

My para is fairly new to education, but was a title 1/gen ed para prior to being moved into my program. I think she just has a hard time understanding the difficulties my students are facing- that yes, they really do need to see/practice the same thing 1,000 times before they get it. The other sped teacher has intermediate students (I'm K-3), so I wonder if she sees the other teacher doing more "advanced" or less repetitive things (because her students are older/already know how to read) and wonders why I can't do those things with my students.

I'm sorry that I have no wonderful advice for you, but I can relate!
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