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Haley that sounds frustrating!! Yes, I find that some of the paras don't even understand the different levels of need even within special ed. In my program, I have students who can decode on grade level but if you ask them what they just read they'd say something completely unrelated. I have others who have wonderful listening comprehension and can perfectly retell whole chapter books I've read to them, but still can't discriminate short a and short e despite me doing OG with them for 30 minutes a day... I find most paras tend to think, "well so and so can read, why do you have them with x group?" kind of thing.

That's actually pretty generous for your state re: assessments!!! In my state, I do have the flexibility to create my own day-to-day unit assessments based on what I have taught (essentially because that falls under the category of "progress monitoring"), but for any district-wide assessment or state assessment, it's accommodations only. In some ways, I do suppose this makes sense, if you want to look at test scores and compare apples to apples, but as we all know, CHILDREN, WITH OR WITHOUT DISABILITIES, ARE NOT APPLES!!! So, yeah... not really sure why we think we can compare them like they're pieces of fruit....

Sorry, feeling a little punchy on this last day of Thanksgiving break....

I know it's a pie in the sky kind of idea but I really do wish paras were required to attend professional development a few days before school starts, just like we are required to in my district. And ongoing, just to get up to speed on what an IEP is, how a teacher implements it, practices in supporting implementation of lesson plans... all the nuts and bolts. I'd love to provide some training for my para either before or after school but she is paid hourly, and at that, just above our state's minimum wage. I don't blame her for sticking to her hours, but that leaves little time for us to communicate. Well, hope it gets better!
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