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So that's part of the problem - the gen. ed teachers don't like her in their rooms either!!! My principal has made it clear she wants her in my room with me when my kids are in my room. And to be honest, if I am truly going to do individualized/specialized instruction, I do need a para to run different groups while I teach/introduce some of the main concepts.

My class is "partial inclusion." They receive all their ELA and math instruction from me but are "pushed in" for science and social studies. My para does the same thing to one of the gen. ed teachers where she'll talk over her while she's teaching to correct *minor* behavior problems with my students, not lowering her voice, using a normal tone, etc. and from what I've heard, it distracts all the other kids. This gen. ed teacher has the same problem with other paras that come into her classroom so she finally went to the principal to ask her to step in and address it as it seems to be global. The principal suggested that the gen. ed teacher write up a list of expectations to share with any para that comes into her room. My para thought that was hysterical because in her words, "Who does she think she is?! I don't work for her!"

I am going to talk to her this week.... I do feel she should know some specifics about their IEPs like modifications and accommodations which is why I put that in my data binder, right before all of their data!!! I even asked her to review it at the beginning of the year when she had a chance... clearly she didn't....
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