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Tomorrow I'm not going to make a lot of changes to the procedures, rather I'll reinforce the same procedures in place from the beginning of the year. The main problem is the quiet signal which is no longer being respected: "Class-Class" should be responded with, "yes, yes" but only two or three students actually do so. "if you can hear my voice clap once..." is also used and is also no longer effective. Lining up and walking quietly in class is actually much better than last year, so it won't need a lot of work.

Coming in from recess still needs work. The students prefer to stand around talking in 115 Arizona sun rather than get in a straight, quiet line and come into the air conditioned building. It takes several minutes to get everyone in line without someone popping back out to socialize. Now that temperatures have dropped below 100, I expect more difficulty. Last year we spent ten minutes walking back and forth in the hallways each day before they finally chose to follow expectations.

Each classroom has a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, a computer and a document cam. I do a lot of powerpoints through the day. Bellwork is on a slide because I can type quicker and neater than writing on the whiteboard. phonograms and sight words are also displayed via slideshow, with a student advancing each slide so I can circulate the classroom as the class reads them aloud. Small-group choices, spelling words, writing prompts, and daily math word problems are also used via the computer and projector. Occasionally I'll show a youtube video when appropriate (my farm kids thought the New York Subway was a sandwich restaurant and needed to see an actual underground train station). The language arts curriculum also comes in a PowerPoint version but requires a lot of modification, and I haven't seen an improvement compared with not using it. Whiteboard work is more interactive.

During most of the day I use the document camera for whole-class assignments using personal whiteboards, or as we walk though a workbook or math problem together. I've also connected my old iBook and camera to the projector so we could do stop-motion animation as a class for Fun Friday. For science, I've demonstrated programming the Mindstorms robots, and we use a publisher's interactive website for social studies.
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