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First day of Reset
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Today went pretty good. Instead of expecting the students to just "do" an established procedure, I explained the steps and expectations. We did a lot of practicing for getting stuff put away, getting out materials, cleaning up, lining up, passing in papers, and callback signals.

Morning went smoothly, though the time is a little tight due to awkward schedules. Students go straight to specials classes. Then they come into my classroom with full backpacks at about 8:40 and immediately six of them get pulled out for intervention, speech, etc. Today they were not allowed to leave until their backpacks were put away.

At issue is some students who think, "ten seconds to get your notebook out" means, "play around for ten seconds and then consider thinking about maybe getting something ready if you bothered to listen to the instructions and you feel like doing work today". A lot of transition time was spent getting eight or nine individual students to follow simple instructions like that.

Walking in a line was fine as usual (a big change from last year) but they still needed help getting in line and staying in line at the beginning.

The afternoon is still rough, though. Despite our daily readaloud, students are still hyper from running around outside for the next two hours. It's like a different class before lunch and after lunch. I suspect that my tolerance for noise is weakening at that point and it just seems louder, but the class is definitely less responsive to the callback signal in the afternoon

Getting ready at the end was done one table at a time with emphasis on "watch how Silver table does it. They're going to do an excellent job". I also timed each one on a stop watch for competition, which worked. Enough time was still left to practice standing up without talking, lining up without talking, then returning to their seats when they chose not to meet those expectations.

The same thing will happen tomorrow, so after a couple of weeks of this, the procedures should be re-established.

It sounds to me like the kids don't respect you. Until they do, you will continue to have problems.
What is a good way to gain respect? To my knowledge, I'm doing everything required to earn respect, but apparently it's not working
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