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Too late to return to K?
Old 12-09-2017, 06:18 PM
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I have a young 1st grader who is really struggling academically and socially. I also have his brother in my class due to his brother having been retained in K ( and he was also a young K student.)
Brother is doing well and retention was clearly the right thing to do for him.
I spoke to Mom and she wants the struggling student to return to K now. She wants her younger boy to feel good about himself and since he always plays with the K students anyway, why not put him back so that he can enjoy some success? She spoke to her son and he ďkind of liked the idea.Ē
Administration is not excited about this idea and it would be very difficult to have him spend some time in K and grade 1 given our schedules. We are a small school in a rural area so there arenít many options in school. This child is receiving 3 doses of reading a day and one small group dose of math but heís just not ready developmentally for it. His former teacher is no longer at our school so Iím not sure why he wasnít retained and Mom seems unsure too.
Have you ever moved a student back to a lower grade at this point in the year? Any suggestions?

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