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As that kid...
Old 12-13-2017, 03:59 AM
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I was that kid. It's by the grace of God, and the mercy of other adults I didn't drop out at 16.

My parents had no f*cks to give about ANY class projects. Both considered them time sinks, money wasters and were only done to make the teacher look good to the higher ups. Also, since when should the parent taking over the teacher's job? (their opinion)

My dad worked 12 hours in a foundry near a blast furnace. Worrying about a state project on Florida wasn't on the radar.

This attitude was circa 1969-1982. It's been around for a long time.

So...I had no quiet spot to do home work. No one really bought me any supplies. No one even asked if I needed help. When I told my parents I had a project to do...I was SCREAMED at. Like watching the local weather news and recording the data. You'd think I was BBQing infants on the front lawn. Another scream fest was recording how many electrical outlets out home had and what was plugged into them. (learning about conservation?)

Any simple project like that turned into a nightmare. Forget things like a big project. My parents bought nothing.

My life for school projects from K-9 was parents screaming and teacher looking at me in disgust.

What did I do? Became a very creative liar and learn not to tell my parents ANYTHING . I'd fudge data like the outlet project. I'd snag enough scrappy paper for book report covers.

I didn't ask to be born to those maniacs. As a kid I had no real power. My goal in life was not to have anyone p*ssed off at me. The main two being my teachers or parents. No 5 year old should have that goal.

The district I live in does not give take home projects because either a) the parents do it all or b) there is no support at home. The projects tell you more about what is going on at home than if the kid learned anything.
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