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Thank You!
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I appreciate all of your thoughtful replies. I have to be honest, and report I am feeling like Seenthelight. It is not my responsibility to pay for the supplies, and it does perpetuate the current trend of absolving parents and students of responsibility.

It is really easy for our principal to issue this mandate. He is not the one who has to spend his own money or spend his morning or lunch break working with this child.

When is it ever going to stop? We feed the kids breakfast, lunch, provide after school snacks, homework support and free babysitting. We provide counseling, dentistry services, free backpacks and supplies, etc... We basically do everything a parent should be providing at home, and it still isn't enough?

We are operating not only like a socialist country, we are crippling a future generation from being independent and self-sufficient.I had a student who gave a presentation (a persuasive speech ) that argued the need to provide free housing to every American. What is our world coming to?

Of course, I totally get that kids need support when there is little of it at home. Trust me, I do everything and then some to provide that support for them.

I guess I am just tired of being a teacher, parent, emergency room doctor, psychologist, clothing and shoes provider, lice and scabies checker, ear, nose, and throat specialist, conflict resolution manager, and a whole host of other titles that are becoming increasingly more difficult to perform when trying to address the challenging mandates of common core.

It is really just too much most days. Vent over.

P.S. Please do not admonish me, and say welcome to the world of teaching, etc...I know that. I just needed to vent.
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