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I see it both ways...I think parents SHOULD help their kids or they shouldn't have had kids BUT I teach (now, 10 years ago it wasn't that way) where many kids don't have that support...

My reports/projects have always been pretty easy, I have always supplied anything they needed.

I've taught 2nd-now 5th

When I did state reports last year, they were required to check out books from our school library to do the report, they were required to write to the state (that was assigned, we did do this part in class) tourism office to get more information then I saw nothing wrote with requiring them to do it all at home. I went over everything step by step in class of how it was to be done.

I didn't expect a parent to help. They didn't need it to be typed, they needed it to be written neatly if they couldn't type it. If they didn't have paper at home, I did provide binder paper and a piece of plain paper for the map & the cover. Those were the only "supplies" they absolutely had to have.

But I also only gave the supplies to students whom I knew were making an effort, the ones who checked the book out of the library etc.

Even the little kids, at 2nd grade, you know who's going to make an effort and who's not.

There are plenty of great/easy projects that can be independent at home and require no parental support for every grade.
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