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Thankless job?
Old 12-19-2017, 06:56 AM
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After reading some recent posts, I began to feel depressed. So many of those posting refer to subbing as a "thankless" job (among other complaints). I had to think about that a bit.

Yes, I agree that subbing lacks status or prestige, doesn't pay well, and there are no health or vacation leave benefits. I'll also agree that we subs can be seriously mistreated at times. But is it really "thankless"? Not in my experience.

I've had many other jobs in the past. Some of them were well paying corporate positions. However, the most thankless jobs I've had have been the most well paying. Jobs where I sit in a cubicle facing a computer screen all day long, interspersed with the occasional dull, lifeless team meetings, not to mention the vicious office politics. I abandoned that work because it was soul crushing.

In my later semi-retirement years, I've taken to subbing, something I never thought I'd do. Why do I sub? Because I love to teach. I tried all the K-12 grades, and found my niche in the younger grades (k-3rd). Mainly because the younger kids are still fresh, enthusiastic, excited with life, responsive, AND openly appreciative. Oftentimes, they say I'm their favorite sub and ask me when I'll be coming back to teach them. No matter how demanding my day has been, it inevitably ends with plenty of hugs and thank yous from the little ones (and the occasional smile and thank you from a parent too).

If I were looking for a big pay raise, promotion, or pat on the back from the boss, I'd never be happy as a sub. But I'm there because teaching is what I love to do, and I enjoy the kids I teach (most of them anyway ). That's my take on it. Just wanted to offer a different perspective.

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