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I kind of have a few different takes.

Yes, it can be thankless for me...

When you're treated not so nicely by other staff, students, and admin.

On the other hand, some days it can truly be a rewarding job...

Like when the students actually behave and learn something, or when school staff acknowledge your hard work.

Basically for me it depends upon the school's attitude as a whole, or the little moments.

There's something nice about going back to a school to sub and the kids remember you and say "it's our favorite sub!" But don't let that get to your head too much, it's not always to your advantage to be "the cool sub."

Special education is great if you appreciate helping students who need support and guidance. Mind you, there can be some rough days in sped classrooms, just like any classroom.

I think on the days where we are there to be "warm bodies" it's difficult to not feel like a babysitter or rent-a-security guard. Like when students are acting immature just to stress us out, or when you're on cafeteria duty for two hours. (Ugh.) And if the office or other teachers aren't really offering up much support it can make a sometimes difficult job TWICE as hard.

I'll leave you with a happy story.

My favorite day of all time was when I worked with a boy (with severe challenges) who remembered me and yelled out to everyone: "Who's that?! (Gasp!) It's Mr. M!!!!!" He then started smiling and dancing with joy like he'd won the lottery.

No other job has provided me with that kind of feeling of being appreciated. It was the happiest I'd ever seen a child before. It was like I was Santa. Lol.

Subbing can be a joke at times, no question, and the disrespect can be disheartening...

But the little moments, like the one I mentioned, can make it worthwhile and fulfilling.

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