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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I had my third graders memorize the 7 continents, learn to spell them correctly and label a world map correctly. Oceans as well.

I had mine memorize our home state with all bordering states as well.

We memorized our addresses, city, county, state, country, continent, hemispheres, planet and solar system using concentric circles going from smallest to largest circles.

We looked at borders and discussed if they followed a river or group of mountains or if it was just an arbitrary line drawn for political reasons.

I made power points to help. They did puzzles. We watched Brain Pop junior videos. We colored maps. I pulled down maps often during class to show where a character in a book lived or maybe where a scientist was from that we read about in science. It is important to make those connections geographically.

We learned the cardinal directions as well as the intermediate directions and labeled a compass rose.

We learned how to use maps to find information. I had a class set of state maps that we practiced and learned with.

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