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And the answer is...
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My situation is unique so I'm uncertain it will apply to the discussion. For one thing, our school is small and sub assignments are done comparatively informally, by telephone or email. Therefore, it becomes possible to develop an "understanding" with the sub-coordinators.

I do like advance assignments. But thanks to my sub experience and living close to the school, I often get called in for "emergencies" at the last minute. I've done some pretty "weird" assignments as a result. One of the more tame examples: driving some kids home in the school van. My joke is "well, it's nice to be needed." Our superintendent has teased that she is making sure I do every job at least once.

I think you have to figure out what's going to work best for all involved. While it's not my situation, if you are dependent on the income, the more flexible you are the more work you'll get.
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