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Losing control
Old 01-24-2018, 05:51 PM
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The procedures that I practiced at the beginning of the year, re-taught in November, and re-taught again after Christmas break are no longer effective.

Students are ignoring the call-back signal. Only two or three students respond, the rest keep right on talking. I've retaught the procedure several times, but it's only getting worse.

Students are constantly talking. They talk during instruction. They talk during small-group time. They talk when I am telling them to stop talking. They talk during silent reading time. I can't tell who is doing the talking, unfortunately, so consequences are rarely given.

I've been using Fred Jones' plan of giving students time to earn. They earn the time by following directions quickly, and spend it when they use up instructional time. If they have more than ten minutes saved that week, they get to spend it on a Fun Friday. It worked during the first half of the year, but it's no longer effective as of this week.

For example, it should take the students five seconds to get out their reading textbook. I'll state they should have twenty seconds, and any extra time goes to their time pool. They'll take thirty seconds. The class has collectively chosen NOT to earn extra time. It doesn't matter if I count backwards or stay silent. Half the class will continue socializing, fooling around, playing in their desks. They did not have Fun Friday last week and this week looks unlikely.

If I give the call-back signal and students are still talking, I'll start counting. I'll take that time away. Usually, I'll get to 10 or less before everyone is ready for instruction. This week I've been counting to over thirty seconds, each time. That will get me a few minutes of instruction time before everyone starts talking again, requiring another thirty seconds to get them quiet. Students consistently lose five minutes of earned time every day. They've now chosen not to earn extra time to make up for it.

It's been suggested that I simply wait for compliance. After thirty seconds, then what do I do? All that seems to do is reward students with more talking time. If you don't want to work, simply start talking, and teacher will courteously stop the lesson for you!

I give out positive reinforcement to students (clip up, give out tickets, etc). This worked earlier in the year but has become less and less effective.

I've practice procedures continually since the beginning of the year. Instruction time has been stopped to re-teach these procedures, but they are still losing effectiveness.

Conferences with students and contacting parents has never been effective, yet I keep trying it because other teachers claim it works.

When I finally determine who is talking repeatedly, I'll give them one warning, then they lose lunch recess. I hold lunch recess in my room daily. Monday I had two students. Tuesday I had six. Today I had another two. Tomorrow there is at least one more. Admin is no longer interested, as they've told me to stop sending office referrals for repeat behavior. I'm on my own.

I can only imagine that the consequences (positive and negative) are not effective, yet they work for other teachers at my site.

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