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Joined: Dec 2006
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Firstly I would like to know how many first grade teachers provide direct instruction in reading comprehension. I am being told that most schools don't teach that in first grade??? I work at a private school with a strong phonics based reading program, that works for the majority of kids in decoding. However, we are required to give an actual percentage grade in oral reading. If I have a B+ student in decoding with C-/D+ comprehension skills what grade would you give. Public schools where I have worked always used a rubric or mastery skill list that was more developmental in nature. The grading system in the curriculum is vague and does not specifically mention comprehension or fluency, but I feel they are important. In third they give comprehension 25% and fluency 25% of the reading grade. Other teachers in the building are saying not to grade the comprehension at all....opinions or thoughts...Please

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