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Clip to ScrapBook #8

1956BD wrote this: "We memorized our addresses, city, county, state, country, continent, hemispheres, planet and solar system using concentric circles going from smallest to largest circles."

This info can be made into a wonderful game.

Draw nine concentric circles. Students will also need a ten-sided die. The ones I have are red with white numbers, but I have seen them in other colors. Students will use the numbers one to nine, but not the zero. Label each concentric circle with a number beginning in the middle with one and the continuing outward so the outside circle is number nine.

In the corner of the paper, make a key that looks like this:
1. address/house number and street name
2. city
3. county
4. state
5. country
6. continent
7. hemisphere
8. planet
9. solar system

Student #1 rolls the die. If he/she rolls a four, he/she must tell his/her partner the name of his/her state. If correct, he/she earns an M&M/goldfish cracker. If incorrect, no M&M/goldfish cracker. Play continues back and forth between partners #1 and #2 for a given time period.

One other thing I did was give each child a separate piece of paper so he/she could write the answers to one through nine. This piece of paper was given to the partner so each partner had the other partner's correct answers.

The paper for the partner answering the question was turned upside-down when answering, as some answers are the same for both partners.
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