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What time do you start school? 8:15

What time do you get to school in the morning? I try to be at school between 7:10-7:30 and we have to be at school at 7:55.

What time does school end? 3:10 and we can leave at 3:15 Mon-Thurs, and as soon as our students are gone on Friday... which is pretty much still 3:15.

What time do you leave? I rarely leave before 4:30/5:00 and stay until 6 or later about once a week.

Are start time has been 8:15 all year but we didn't use to have students in our classroom until 8:10 which gave us about 15 minutes in our room. Now we do breakfast in the classroom and most of my students arrive right at 7:55 which is as soon as they are allowed in the building.
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