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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I took C1 last year and did very well - good thing, because my scores on C2 and C3 were passing, but not high. As far as studying, I found that doing the work of C2 and C3 really helped prepared me just because of all the reading and writing and thinking you have to do for those. But once I submitted those I had a couple of weeks to really buckle down on C1.

I went through my standards (once again!) and wrote notes on them by hand. I've always done better studying if I write things down. Then I just read and reread my notes most every day. I teach K so I know that curriculum cold, but I also looked through the common core standards for first and second grade briefly.

I felt pretty prepared. When I took the test, I was confident on most of the selected response items but there were a few that threw me and I just didn't have a clue about them. For the constructed response essays, I was fortunate. My three questions involved a first grade class, a kindergarten class, and a PreK class. It could have gone up as high as 3rd grade, but I was thrilled mine were right there in my areas of strength.

As someone said, just keep in mind that you'll have a reading question, a math question, and a child's play question.
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