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Maybe this...
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Clip to ScrapBook #7

I can relate to your entry. Here is what happens to me. Maybe some of my ideas would be helpful.

Laughter diffuses my tendency to get into a power struggle with my students. I am not hearing that in your entry at all -just saying that I get that way and if I can get them laughing (and also seeing me laugh - humanizing the teacher ) it really helps them to focus.

I Use short 1 or 2 minute videos on YouTube as a reward on my Smart Board. (All short term rewards) So I say," If you can finish your paragraphs by 9:30 then we will watch a funny video! You can do it!" Then if they do it, I play "Ultimate Dog Tease" or one of the many hilarious Panda cub videos.Thereis so much on YouTube. It gets them laughing and I get a short break. Laughter is also helpful to ME. So I can lighten up! This also contributes to more effective classroom management because I am relating to them in a more relaxed way!

I use whatever is of great interest to the kids. Last year, I had a TOUGH class. This often worked. I remember I found some fabulous waterslide videos and the class LOVED them! One was the world's longest waterslide!

The only thing is this can not be used all the time. The key is novelty.

I read once about "Smacker Smudges." I bought a pack of soda scented Lip Smackers with different varieties. When I would want the kids on task I introduced Smacker Smudges. I would walk around and if children were on task, I would rub a little on the back of their hand. So they could sit and sniff grape soda on their hand! Or Cherry Coke flavor! Or Sprite! They all immediately quieted down and worked.

It helps me because I can fall into a habit of saying things like "Cmon guys, we have a lot to do today blah blah blah" and when I get that way (overly wordy) the kids just tune me out! (And it is no wonder.) If I can make it fun then I can get them to come back and focus.

Of course I teach 3rd graders. I don't know what kind of impression this would make on the 8th graders!!

I also play "Just Dance" videos on the Smart Board as a reward. They LOVE these!

I also announce a surprise word for the day. The first child to stand after hearing it wins a Stars Wars sticker! Or an Olaf sticker - something fun. I try to make the word silly. So I would say at announcements, "The word for the day is NUTELLA!" THen during Social Studies, if everyone is falling asleep because it is about history maps, I'll say that Gaspar dePortola brought his NUTELLA to the New World!!! They knock over their desks trying to be the first to stand up! It's fun to see who is really listening!

Then of course, If they can earn the letters to the word "R E C E S S" that I write one at a time on the board for good behavior, that is always motivating.

Hope this was helpful.

Good Luck!
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