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spatial sense
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Many people associate spatial sense with geometry but we sometimes forget how relevant it is to geography. Many years ago when I taught second grade we illustrated the layout of the classroom from the perspective of a spider sitting in the the corner of the wall. ( Like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web) We created a layout of the school (outside) and labeled them from a template. We had a city map of roads in plastic sleeves where I drew grids. The students had to identify coordinates of areas of interest as well as directions. Puzzles of the continents, states, and countries help students memorize the configurations of the land pieces too.
I always was fascinated by globes. I thought it strange to only have 1 globe per classroom I think we needed 1 per table when studying geography. Do we even have maps anymore or are they all digital?
Also graphic organizers, curriculum mapping, flow charts, etc. . .help pave the way to understanding of spatial organization and planning. These are all skills involved in geography. As far as lesson in 3rd grade, I drew an arial map of the characters houses in " Fantastic Mr. Fox. " I also traced a map of the island, in " My Father's Dragon." I believed we created a treasure map from another book, too.

Hey 1956BD . . .I bet you used the WEE sing tape songs to go along with the memorization. I couldn't
have done it without them!

Here is an article I found interesting on spatial intelligence and geography. The conclusion ties it in well.
Hope I didn't go off on too much of a tangent.
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