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I'm shocked it doesn't happen more often.

Anyone who can fog up a mirror can get a weapon. If you fly below the threshold of mentally ill (it is almost impossible to declare someone too mentally ill to own a fire arm in my state), the sky is the limit legally. Sandy Hook, Vegas and this high school shooter, all the weapons were legally purchased. You can by gas masks and smoke bombs legally. You can buy parts to make a semi automatic on line, and anyone with a functioning brain can put it together.

If you have an "issue", it's the black market. You'll pay more, but you can get your sidewalk sweeper.

Americans love love love their guns and rifles. We love the idea of owning as much fire power as legally possible. We demand the right to buy whatever we fancy. We want them because we want them, and there will be hell to pay if anyone says, "Does that person really need 20 semi automatic rifles?" After all, who are they to judge?

This glorious vision of righteous people defending their home against the hoards and family bonding hunting experiences all goes to crap when you toss in extremely damaged people who fly under any sort of mental health trigger that would keep them from making a legal purchases. Those people too can get a sidewalk sweeper.

What is interesting, is the FL shooter didn't kill himself. So he'll get his15 minutes of fame in court, and probably screed about how the school sucked and wished he could have taken a few more out. Florida still has the death penalty. The tax payers will be funding this circus side show for years on appeals.

After Sandy Hook, it became pretty clear to me, the US will tolerate a person killing a decent amount of people, and not do squat about mental health access or any sort of fire arm restriction. My next door neighbor has a cache of fire arms. He's been hospitalized (voluntarily) for depression three times. I think he's a tin foil hat nut job, but per the law, he's perfectly fine to own his 25 weapons and cases of ammo. No, he doesn't hunt. No, he doesn't competitive shoot. I think he goes to the range every blue moon when the news starts getting squirrelly.

I don't think it's a teacher's job to solve this. Teachers don't legislate on gun control or mental health access.
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