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Third Graders
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

They will seem like babies compared to fifth grade. But as you model and encourage them they will become more independent.

They are way more independent than first graders. What I loved about third graders (I am retired now.) is that they can take care of all their bathroom needs, tie their shoes, zip their zippers, snap their snaps, button their buttons..... You get the idea. If one of them does ask for help with tying their shoes ask a classmate to help them learn how to do it. If gives a student a chance to help and saves your back.

They will be less hormonal than fifth graders. YEAH!

Most will need more practice with addition and subtraction facts so they really "own" them before you start multiplication and then division facts. They are excited about learning to multiply because it makes them feel grown up. So really play up to that. A few may be nervous about learning to multiply. Figure out who they are and reassure them. There are many picture books about multiplication. Use these as a literature connection in math. It really helps those students who are better at LA and not strong in math. Here are just a few books to get you started.

Each Orange Has Eight Slices
Greg Tang's Math Puzzle Books
The Doorbell Rang
2 X 2= Boo
Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream
Multiplying Menace

Vocabulary is very important in math. I found this online dictionary helpful for students.

It is such a sense of accomplishment for the students when they have learned all four operations in math. However, this makes solving word problems more challenging because they have to know which of these four operations to use. So they need lots of modeling and practice with problem solving.

In K. 1 and 2 they were learning to read. Now in third the focus changes and they are reading to learn. Comprehension is a whole new ball game. They need to discuss and really grasp that just pronouncing the words is not reading. At least not all of it. They need to understand what the words are telling them. You will be giving them lots of strategies for grasping the meaning of the words they read during reading and other subjects as well.
My favorite site for reading comprehension strategies is

They still love to be read aloud to. Start with short books and build endurance to listen to longer and longer stories as the year progresses.

Most love science, especially when it is hands on. I love the website

The experiments are easy and normally use common household items which don't cost a fortune.

I liked using a newspaper for social studies. It is called studies weekly. It is written for your state and covers your standards. This is also a great tool for teaching how to read nonfiction and find factual information.

Boys still mostly want to be friends with boys. Girls usually want to be friends with girls. So usually you don't have any puppy love going on.

They love using technology for learning.

Good luck in third grade. I bet you'll love this grade level.

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