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when automobiles first were loved by Americans there were no speed limits. There were no laws against driving drunk. There were no seat belts. There were no air bags. There were no car seats for kids.

Yes, there are still accidents and people who break the law. But as we put more legislation into effect then we make it safer to drive. Without laws about driving safely then motorists can drive carelessly with wild abandon and there is nothing others can do about it. It would be legal and there would be no consequences.

Please try to listen and think about what these teens are suggesting as gun control.
No where did they advise taking away the neighbor's guns because someone else did something bad, just like you don't lose your driver's license if your neighbor is a careless driver. They want background checks. They want a waiting period before buying a gun. They want an minimum age-like driving. They want only gun stores to sell guns, not gun fairs. They want assault rifles and those tech devices that can change a rifle into a weapon of mass murder to be banned. They are not trying to take the shotgun you use for skeet shooting away.

Giving a teacher a gun and asking him/her to go up against an angry shooter who probably has murder/suicide as his intent only brings to mind the saying "bringing a knife to a gun fight.
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