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Joined: Aug 2013
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It's about subbing, so I posted it on the board that is about subbing.
While we don't use Aesop and I can't help answer the question, I am a sub and I do support this post and see it as quite sensitive, actually. It raises a valid point--we're supposed to figure out what works best for the teacher and kids, not just the sub. If the sub in question hasn't figured out he's not meeting the needs of this particular class and teacher, this seems a discreet way for the teacher to accomplish that.

(I once had a teacher who had a very different style than mine... I'm pretty adaptabie, but we found it extremely difficult to work together. We managed when we had to, but I'm quite sure we both were happier when a different sub filled in for her.)

This forum tends to have lots of posts about what subs expect of teachers but not so many about what teachers expect of subs. I would actually be interested in "some' of the "details"... but that also might be a different topic. If we like the idea that teachers have preferred subs, we should accept the idea that the opposite might also be true.

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