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Is there a way to block a sub from your class on aesop without dinging his/her reputation overall? I don't think this person is a bad person or a particularly terrible sub; I just don't think he does a very good job with my class.
As a former teacher and currently a sub there is a way to block them from seeing your jobs. It would depend on how your district has Aesop configured. When I was a teacher I had the ability to exclude a sub from seeing my absences. If I'm not mistaken only the principal and/or secretary could exclude subs from the building and only the central office could exclude them from the district.

If you don't want to "ding" their reputation consider canceling the absence and reposting it later. Know that Aesop does send out cancellation notices and if you know how to read them they are revealing, I'm speaking of the "you have been removed from... (absence)" emails.
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