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Thanks Zia :)
Old 02-28-2018, 06:13 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #6

I can't take credit, but I will say you're welcome! It really has changed the whole dynamic of my day for the better. Not that it's a cure-all, but talk about starting every day on the right foot!

The fact Sbkangas tried it and found success was enough for me...
Awww... And I'm so glad your principal is on board!!

For anyone who's on the fence, here are the benefits we've found:
  • Kids always want to come in and talk and share - now they can!
  • If a child comes in crying, or has had a hard morning, it gives me time to sit with them and listen and calm them down.
  • No worries if parents have questions - the kids are happy and busy!
  • Kids are so excited to come in and see what's available - for many it is their favorite part of the day and it DOES get them to want to come to school (and on time!)
  • We focus on fine motor skills during this time, so most things that are out have that added benefit.
  • We usually have some type of art available as well - when's the last time you had art every day?!
  • I was worried about cleaning up and refocusing, but they are totally ready to focus and it's never been a problem.
  • I get the time to check in with kids, and I also have kids read one on one with me (which they love!)
All I can say is try it! I have yet to convince my colleagues (they are all fairly inflexible in changing their schedules) but I hope it will help out more people here!
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