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I certainly think there ought to be a way for a teacher to block a particular sub, but don't know if there is. The school system here has teachers list their favorite five subs into the system helping them to get a sub of their choice, and you may do that, but there are times those subs are unavailable and the least desired sub picks up the job.

I do not think it is insensitive to not want a particular sub in a particular classroom. The dynamics of the class may not be a good fit for that sub. It you can save the day by avoiding certain subs, why not? If that sub just isn't good with a particular class, there is no reason to have them banned from the whole building, especially since gaining experience with the overall school population should help a decent sub become the more experienced sub everyone is looking for.

If the absence is scheduled far enough out, canceling the job, then putting it in again later might help. If you have that sub's email, you might send an email apologizing that you had to cancel the job at this time, without giving further explanation (assuming you don't want to worry the sub about being removed from a job). That might give the sub time to pick up another job. Depending on your relationship with the secretary, or the attitudes of the secretary or admin, you might be able to talk to the secretary about switching that sub if they pick up your last minute job. I don't like that game personally, but it is played at the school I work. Rather than banning a particular sub, they let her come in, then will "ask" certain subs to switch. Some subs feel honored to be the trusted sub, or they will at least be flexible for the sake of the students.
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