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ECGEN Compt 4 Student Need
Old 03-02-2018, 09:30 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

I am working on my SD for Comp 4. I have identified that my students have a need for visualizing and building 3D structures.
For my evidence of the need, I have
-Work sampling data in 3 different areas that I have created a chart for.
-Observational pictures of 2D pictures and single towers

For evidence of how I collaborated, I have
-Quarterly assessment data that I discussed with parents during the fall and spring PT conferences
-A copy of my weekly theme checklists where I write in activities for 3 different centers to be completed during the week that focus on 3D structures and art projects. I share this with my paraprofessional and developmental therapy teacher.

For evidence of impact, I have
-Observational pictures of 3D structures and art projects
-ECERS score in those areas from my assessment this year.
-Work sampling data that shows improvement in those areas.

Is this enough evidence? Is it strong enough evidence? I wanted data as well as observational evidence to show the whole child.

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