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Thank you so much, c6g, stolaf, subasaurus, and everyone else who is looking at the sub's side of the "blocking" issue. (I was beginning to worry that I was the only one commenting.)

c6g brings up a VERY good point...we subs face a very different kind of scenario than the regular teacher, and so we oftentimes have to use a different set of strategies and tools. So much of our success or failure is contingent on circumstances beyond our control: is the lesson plan adequate? does the technology function? how cooperative are the aides (if any)? are there unexpected disruptions (emergency drill, surprise assemblies, etc.)? Are there parent or student volunteers who need tasks and/or supervision? Not to mention that students and adults may behave quite differently with the sub than with the regular teacher (in part due to what's perceived as the sub's lack of power or status). Bottom line, it's unrealistic to expect the sub to do things exactly like the regular teacher or to expect the same kind of results.

As hard as I try to do a good job, I encounter a number of obstacles and problems that are potential land mines for me. I try to follow the lesson plan to the letter, but too often the lesson plans are incomplete, leaving me to have to piece things together. If there are aides or volunteers, I oftentimes find myself facing what amounts to power struggles because they assume I have no authority over what they do (or don't do). Most times, managing the adults is much more difficult than managing the kids! (I could fill this forum with my horror stories...see some of my postings).

No matter how great my day has gone with the children I teach, someone may still find fault or concoct some crazy accusation to stick on me. Working as a sub is much like walking through a mine field. Why? Because subs are easy targets. More often than not, when I've dealt with an accusation, the accuser (either child or adult) was trying to scapegoat me to cover up for some misdeed of their own. I'm sure many here can relate to what I'm saying. And the worst injustice is when someone decides to "block" a sub without any explanation or due process. Just because they can. I've been there. I know how it feels.

Substitute teaching is our work. It's our livelihood at stake. It's not right for anyone to use "blocking" as an easy way out of having to treat substitute teaching staff fairly and respectfully. My request to teachers and administrators? How about using some of that empathy that we are so fond of teaching the kids about? Treat others (including substitute teachers) the way YOU want to be treated.

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