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After reading this original post and reading subsequent responsiveness, I sense perhaps a shade of unintended lack of empathy toward the sub. from the original poster. (I'd be willing to bet that the poster probably never had to sub for someone else)
Many years ago, a large southern school district required all of its administrators to teach (ie sub) in different schools, grades, and subjects five days a year. This lasted about one month. The administrators refused to to continue the program.They couldn't handle it.
I learned as a teacher that if my sub had a really bad day-before I took the ultimate step of blocking the sub, (understanding that my actions could have disastrous consequences for sub), I better take a good long hard at myself, my students, and my lesson plans; and make sure that i did not contribute to the bad day.
AS a teacher with over 30 years in my own classroom there are some very basic things that a teacher should include their lesson plans. Why college students are not required to take to take a three week course the skill of writing effective lesson plans for the substitute teacher is beyond me.
1) It is essential to train your students to understand that a you do not expect to be absent, however situations happen and should that happen, you expect that they will treat their Auxillary Teacher with respect and obedience.
2) If you have assigned seating for your classes, Please include this in your plans. Should you be one of those teachers who allows their students to sit wherever the 'spirit' moves them. then you must tell the sub this and you must include a list of names of students who should NEVER be allowed to sit together. If you have multiple classes-that means multiple class rosters and seating charts. ( If only to protect yourself should the attendance records be incorrect.)
3) Be realistic in your expectations of what the sub can teach. Should , (God forbid), you chose to introduce new material on a day when you are absent, do not blame the sub if everything is all screwed up.
4) Include the strategies used and an answer sheet for all work.
5). Never, ever tell the the sub the kids, "Know what to do." Yes, you and your students know what to do. But if the sub does NOT know what the kids are supposed to do, you're setting up the sub.
6.) Please provide the sub with all class policies; regarding bathroom usage, trips to the library, recess or lunchroom duty. Policies regarding visits to the nurse, counselor, coach, and cell phone usage.
If teachers everywhere prepared for a sub like they prepare for a formal evaluation; your classes will go more smoothly and your experience with your sub will be much more pleasant.
7.) should you have any students with serious medical conditions, please treat us subs like the professionals that most of us truly are, and let us know. So we can be prepared.
One more thing, would just kill you teachers to put together a little baggie containing pens, paper clips, dry-erase markers, pencils, etc.
Now here's the treat for actually bothering to read this post, I found out yesterday from the substitute coordinator on a campus that I was visiting, the Aesop does provide a way for a teacher to send an evaluation to their sub.

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