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The bait-and-switch
Old 03-03-2018, 02:18 PM
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There's one other factor to consider, the bait-and-switch or the last-minute switch.

In my area, the number of subs is down, and schools seem to be scrambling to get classes covered more than ever before. I try to accept jobs I feel comfortable doing, and avoid grade levels and subjects that aren't comfortable for me. I'm sure most teachers accept and respect that.

The problem is that some schools are less than honest about their posted jobs because they want someone in every classroom. Sometimes there just aren't enough subs to go around. Teachers who were expecting one sub sometimes end up with another one.

I've had a fifth grade job that turned into a first grade job, a middle school art assignment that turned into a PE all-afternoon outdoors job, a fourth grade position that became a morning in the ASD room . . . and on and on it goes. The most extreme was an elementary music assignment that suddenly turned into social studies at an alternative high school. Sometimes subs are thrown into jobs with no notice.

I hope that no teacher would try to block or terminate a sub who makes an honest effort, but was thrown into a job unexpectedly at the last minute.
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