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I really don't appreciate your tactics here, Gromit. Just be an adult and talk to the person face to face. This bait and switch with jobs some people are talking about is such bs. Don't make my day harder by making me go to another classroom when I was prepared to go to the one I signed up for. If a school does this to me more than a few times I just stop taking assignments from that school because I assume they just don't have any respect for their subs. I'd rather have a teacher tell me it's not working out in their class instead of all this passive aggressive bs.

As for teachers not knowing how their class will treat a sub, you should follow up with us if we leave a note saying your class was really badly behaved. I have had teachers come back after a half day and we talk about the day. I have had a few teachers tell me "subs always tell me this kid is a problem, but he is so sweet with me." It is obvious they don't really care or want to know how their kids act when they aren't there. Don't be that kind of crappy teacher.

I can't make any excuses for subs not following lesson plans. Unless the class was so off task and I couldn't get through everything because of that, I have no reason to not follow the plans.
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