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Joined: Jan 2018
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You do have good points. My issue is with trying to do everything except talk to the teacher face to face. It just seems like it's not a fair way to go about things. Like I said, I would appreciate it a lot more than the bait and switch.

As for subs being able to block schools, that is a luxury we have in a stressful job. I don't write a school off after one day. There are always factors I am not going to be aware of that might make a class behave badly. I've been there. If I go to a school a few times and the district doesn't give me support or if I determine the grade is just too difficult to manage in a classroom, I won't go back. This conclusion is usually reached by talking to other teachers throughout the day.

As for my crappy teachers comment, they are crappy in that they are ignoring a repeated fact that that particular student has not been compliant with the sub. It's time to have a talk with that kid then.
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