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Old 03-07-2018, 04:19 AM
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I'm gonna try to keep this terse because I like the message MaineSub is trying to convey. There's enough wedge that's between us and I too believe that it's time for a change that's long overdue. First it starts with acting as adults. As someone's pointed out, please talk with the sub that you're intending to "block". Make them accountable.

I know it's uncomfortable but nothing sends the message than talking with them in person expressing your concern. Blocking them seems rather harsh because, I don't know if you're aware of this Gromit, but some HR's make a note of it (especially on Aesop) and some investigation starts that puts them in hot water and it becomes a witch hunt.

On a related matter, I have no ill feelings about your post here Gromit. Your expressing yourself about finding a way to block without getting a sub into much trouble may not be as easy as pressing a key on your device. My suggestion and again as someone's already mentioned, talk with that sub and let them know that you're grateful for the work they did in your classroom but there are things that make you think that they're lacking and you've come to a decision that it's best for now that they don't take your subbing job as it's not a good match for NOW.

In the future, you'll keep them in mind. The fact is there's a lot of unmatching going on and that's the nature of this job. I get it but to block may cause more trouble than you'd normally expect so be careful.
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