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What is the strangest student name you have come across?
Old 03-07-2018, 06:28 PM
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Just got a new student today. His name is King. Now every time I see or say his name, it will sound more like a royal title to his last name instead of an actual first name!

Iíve seen plenty of other strange names throughout my 25+ year career, including:

Silver (a boy, mind you)
E-mail (no joke! this was in the mid-90ís when e-mail communication just started taking off)
Zizzazzine (really? that many zís packed into just one name?)
Tequila (okaaaaaaay.......)
Benjaporn (ok, so she was a foreign exchange student, but still...having ďpornĒ in your name just doesnít quite roll off the tounge very nicely)
Love (nice sentiment, but still kinda strange)
Anakin (wow! this kid will have to live his entire life knowing he is named after one of the darkest movie characters of all time!)

What are some of more unual student names everyone has come across, past or present?

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