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My calendar
Old 03-31-2008, 02:15 PM

I have ONE Handy Helper for the day for ALL jobs ~ including calendar

Here are the things that I/we do (may not necessarily be in order):

Put up the date (Handy calls someone to tell date and what pattern it will be)

Do what day it is (Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow)

I have a running pattern with the number of days we've been in school. Basically, they are the shapes that our first graders are required to know: trapezoid, hexagon, parallelogram, circle, triangle, square, rectangle. I cut them out and laminated them on different colored construction paper. The Handy uses a wet-erase marker to write the number day we are on - today was 134.

I have a little piggy bank. Well, it's also drawn and laminated. I have pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters (and a dollar-fake). Each day we add a penny and change it as we can (5 pennies = 1 nickel).

We also add a tally mark to a chart for each day

We do straws in the pockets for ones, ten, hundred place.

We keep a weather graph

We have a BRAIN POP. This is a balloon that I put a cool fact of some kind in (written) and then blow it up. We count down and the Handy pops it and we read the cool fact. The kids LOVE this part of calendar.

We also do a Mystery number. I have a big 100 chart up. The Handy writes a number down (don't let anyone else see it). They call someone to guess a number. I have to little circles to cover as we go. If the number is 43 and someone says... 30 Handy and I say... no, its greater than 30. We cover 30. Then if someone guess 65. We say, no its less than 65, we cover it. Now we've narrowed it down to between 30 and 65. Handy keeps calling kiddos to guess until they get it.

At the end we stand up and the Handy leads us in a cadence. We march and repeat after the Handy. After the 100th day here's the cadence we do:

First Grade, first grade what you say
Kids repeat
We've been in school over a hundred days
Kids repeat
Every day we learn something new
Kids repeat
We can even count by twos
Kids Repeat
Sound off
Kids say 2, 4 (hold up that many fingers)
Sound off
Kids say 6, 8 (hold up)
Bring it down now
Kids say 2, 4, 6, 8 (hold up)

Hope this gives you some fresh ideas.
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