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Earth Day Books
Old 04-13-2008, 11:31 AM

I use:
1. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
Have students take a quote from the book and make an inspirational bumper sticker.

2. The Great Kapok Tree
Discuss distruction of habitats, I do a reader's theater of the book, enjoy snacks from the rainforest while watching a related video, make step books of the layers of the rainforest

3. Just A Dream
Students create a paper T-shirt with an environmental message, take a litter scavenger hunt around school grounds (collect trash, chart how many of each item you find, and graph)

4. Recycle
I give the hstudents a juice box to enjoy while I read. They then rinse out the box, and put in powdered tempra paint, water and plaster of Paris. After two days they have their own sidewalk chalk.

5. The Wump World
Compare and contrast the Pollutiants and the Wumps

6. The Lorax
We always watch the video and then I have partners write a plan for saving the truffula trees. They can also illustrate their plan.

7. Whare Does the Garbage Go?
Challenge students to take an empty plastic beverage bottle from home (water, pop,, milk, etc) and make something new from it. Have students bring them to class and present them to their classmates. Display th efinished products.
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