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Joined: Apr 2008
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Construction Theme
Old 04-24-2008, 10:19 AM

Does anyone have any pictures of their classroom with the construction theme. This is what I have planned for next year. I have caution and danger tape that police and construction workers use. Also, an orange fence that the construction crew uses.

Main Bulletin Board: "Futures Under Construction"

Door to classroom: Hard Hats Needed...Great Minds Being Built

Job Wall Display: -Diggin in to Help!
DIRT Hill (name of job) and Shovel(student name)

I am not sure what leader to have!

Birthday Wall Display: Building Zone


Calendar Bulletin Board: Town Hall

daily news, birthday, insormation, weeks, months, weather, etc.

Behavior Wall: Nailing for good behaviors

Classroom Rule Wall:

Pitch In! Help Whenever you Can (looks like a park sign)
Study Zone (looks like a no passing zone sign)
Friendship is a Two-Way Street (Two way street)
Stop Look and Listen (Stop Sign)
There is No Limit to Learning (Speed Limit Sign)


Reading Center Board-Build a Better Future-READ
yellow and white caution tape like they use to block of an area under construction (much like the police line tape)

Math Center: U Turn to Math (looks like a u-turn sign)

Writing Center: Keep Writing (looks like a merge right sign)

Art Center:Kidstruction

Housekeeping- ?????

Computer Center: Learning zone

Block Center: Building one brick at at time

If you can name any more centers with heading....just
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