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My sports themed classroom this year...
Old 05-11-2008, 11:48 AM

I used Proteacher to help out a lot with my theme last summer. I took lots of pictures to share this summer, but for now all I can do is describe...
  • Winning Words - Word Wall
  • Racing to Read - Reading Minutes: Race Track with the kids names on cars (I move them once a week according to their rdg calendar).
  • Slamdunk Spelling - Kids' names on basketballs - they get a sticker for every 100% they get on a Spelling test and after 5 stickers, they get a prize and a new basketball.
  • Lunch is Served - Lunch menu and other info...I have a tennis racket (a real one) and tennis ball hanging up next to it.
  • Teamwork - Job board -- each kids' name is written on a baseball cap diecut
  • Reading Dugout - Classroom library
  • Homerun Writing - Writing Center
  • Team Scoreboard - Behavior Chart: It is set up as 3 strikes and you're out (detention). They color in their baseball chart at the end of the day to show their parents their behavior for the day.
Beginning of the year activity - I had them cut out pennants from foam (already marked out for them) and they added letter stickers for their names and sport balls stickers to decorate -- they hang from the ceiling edge all year.

Team Names - I have the desks in groups of 6 and each team has a sport name - we are from Illinois so we have the Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Huskies (for Northern Illinois University).

My classroom is a bilingual 2nd grade - so our take home binder is a form of the BEE/MOOSE binders that are out there, but it is called an EQUIPO binder which is an accrostic for (loosely translated in English) Students Who Use Intelligence For Organization (Estudiantes Que Usan Inteligencia Para Organization). Oh! And EQUPIO means TEAM in Spanish.

I have Sports related posters all over - I use sports stickers for their team points (an incentive chart for each team - which ever is the quickest table for transitions gets a sticker/or a team that is working well together - when it is filled up, the team gets to eat lunch with me).

I have had a lot of fun with this theme -- next year I am doing the beach though. I think I am going to switch my theme every year for 4 years and then go back to the sports.

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