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My classes' newspaper
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wasn't as fancy as the ones I'm reading about here. They sound very nice. I did a newspaper this year, but I admit to taking an easier road. I hung up construction paper around the room, each with a job (reporter, weather, fashion, gossip--you have to monitor this one--reviews--of movies, video games, cars--sportswriting, comic strips, want ads--one kid wrote the most hilarious ads, and puzzles--they loved making puzzles!). I told them they could sign up for as many as they wanted, and that there was no limit on how many could do a job. It was completely choice-based. I contacted the DIRC (district instructional resources center) to publish it for us, and got a check from PTSA to cover the cost.

This is where I took the easy road: I just had them write their articles on white, unlined paper, in ink, no green, pink, or red allowed (it won't copy). They had to submit 8 rough drafts, and from those, they chose two to polish and go in the newspaper (this was a newspaper for the whole core--100 kids--so I had to limit them to to two). Then I just sent everything to the DIRC to be copied and bound. So it doesn't look like a newspaper--the layout is different and so is the look. I thought that might disappoint them, but they loved it! And when I did my feedback sheet at the end of the year, so many kids said they LOVED the newspaper. When it came back from the DIRC, I had to can my lesson for the day. All they wanted to do was read their newspaper and see what the other classes had contributed. It was very successful and done on the cheap and easy.

They ran all around the school for two weeks, interviewing teachers, lunch ladies, janitors, the adminstration, office ladies--everyone in the school was very kind and helped us out tremendously.
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