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morning work
Old 05-25-2008, 06:43 AM

I've never tried Drops, but I love the daily math and language reviews. I have different morning work for each day of the week (thanks to a poster on PT!):

Monday - daily math (1 sheet front and back)
Tuesday - daily language (1 sheet - front only because it takes more time)
Wednesday - word wall work (write a sentence with 5 words) or 2 handwriting pages (we have a book).
Thursday - journal
Friday - fun sheet (word search puzzle, coloring sheet, etc...)

When they finish their work, they put it in a morning folder and keep it in their desk. Then they read a book.

It's really not high maintenance because I just use the first few minutes of that subject that day to go over the work. For example, on Monday I spent the first 5 minutes of math going over the morning work. On Tuesday I spend the first 5 minutes of LA going over it. On Wed. and Thurs. I walk around and check the sentences, handwriting, or journal while they're reading. On Friday I don't check it - it's just for fun (I've worked them hard all week!) and goes in their "keep" side of their school-to-home connection.

I like it because it's a constant review of skills - and my 3rd graders really need that. It also keeps them busy and quiet (in a productive way!) in the mornings, so I can handle doctor/bus notes, attendance, etc...

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