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i do a poetry notebook as well. my students loved them so much this year, that i made them nice ones to take home for their end of the year gift. i did three pronged folders this year, but next year i think i will use small binders. many of their folders tore up and had to be replaced sometime during the year.

each week i have a special poem that we read every morning for a shared reading activitiy. i have a big copy on sentence strips in my pocket chart poem. on mondays i give them a copy of the poem for them to put in their notebooks. each day we do something special with the poem. has awesome pocket chart highlighter strips that we use each morning. this is what we do:

on mondays- i introduce the poem, we use our strategies to read it, discuss it, etc. then we have special sight words for the week that we highlight in green (on the pocket chart, and they also use a marker or crayon to do it in their notebooks). then we choral read the poem.

on tuesdays- we highlight the rhyming words with orange. then we read the poem with the rhythm and clap it out.

on wednesdays- we highlight the nouns in blue, and then we echo read the poem by teams, gender, etc.

on thursdays- we highlight verbs in pink, and echo read. then they have a little bit of time to illustrate the poem in their books.

on fridays- we buddy read the poem.

also, during station time all throughout the week there is a station they use the notebooks at. they can read it together at the buddy reading station. there is also a pocket chart station where it has all of the previous poems on sentence strips and they put them together in the pocket chart, with a partner and then they can read it and highlight the different parts of the poem.

there is so much you can do with these notebooks, i think they're so much fun. you can also add songs or other favorite things to make it even more meaningful. have fun!!!
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